Cassandra Britton

Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, & Speaker

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About Cassandra Britton

Cassandra was born to be a speaker and use her voice. Cassandra's passion for empowerment and sharing her knowledge shines through when she commands the stage. She was gifted a voice and a strong message and is able to connect uniquely with her audience when she is given the platform.

Cassandra is skilled at crafting the presentation and message for the audience in the room, and will deliver an experience that allows the audience to feel connected and inspired to take action by the end.

With a strong emphasize on personal development and various healing modalities drizzled in her presentations, Cassandra's goal is to create a culture of community in the room, and allow each listener to feel touched and leave inspired.

She's the SAVAGE, and can command the attention of any room, from an intimate space to stages overlooking hundreds.

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These organizations love working
with Cassandra Britton

Riser Nation
Vibe your Tribe
Boss Babe Brunch
Durham College
Lamar University
Wine Women & Well Being
The University of Memphis

Speaking Topics

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She Shoots, She Scores - From The Ice to The Boardroom

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