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About CJ Finley

CJ Finley grew up with passions centered around sports, technology, and community, but traded them in during his early career for a “secure” and “stable” path as an Engineer. A few years into this way of life, constant struggles with his autoimmune disease and the sudden passing of several family members caused him to flip his outlook on life. He questioned his current way of living and dreamt of the impact he truly wanted to leave behind some day, and he knew that it would take a leap of faith and a path less traveled to get there. With the constant reminder that life is an opportunity and a gift -- and one that shouldn't be taken for granted--he left everything on the line to make a positive impact.

Soon after leaving his career behind, he started THRIVEONLIFE as a way of inspiring others to do more with life than merely survive. Now his brand exists as a small-business that partners with mission-driven founders and brands to help identify areas that are preventing the companies and their people from thriving. They work together to build sustainable systems, tech-automation, and marketing channels for clients and partners.

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Riser Nation Networking Group
University of Texas at Austin
University of Memphis
Lamar University
University of North Alabama

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Life Efficiency and Hacks


Lifestyle Design


Organizational Efficiency


Effective Team Building




Brand Building and Marketing


Authentic and Genuine Sales


Community Building


The Art of Patience and Persistency

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