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About Danielle Gertner

Danielle Gertner is an Ownership Coach, community builder, and podcast host who is on a mission to unlock the world’s radical confidence with her signature Own Your Shit. She uses a unique blend of neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, trauma-informed somatics work, story work, and primal play to help her clients make soul-shifting transformations that last a lifetime.

With nearly 10 years of experience as a self mastery mentor, habit and mindset expert, movement coach, and professional hype woman, Danielle has guided hundreds of clients to achieve breakthroughs and unimagined levels of confidence in short periods. She helps them unleash a power they have never felt before so they can make the permanent shifts to living with compassion, clarity, pleasure, and play.

Danielle is also an emcee, workshop facilitator, host, and speaker for TEDx events, HYROX - a worldwide fitness competition, and several high school and collegiate leadership conferences. She is also the proud co-founder of, Warrior Women ATX, named the Most Empowering Workout for women in Austin.

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University of Florida, Heavener School of Business
University of Florida, Panhellenic Council
Broward County Association of Student Council
Riser Nation
Lamar University
Empowher Community
Big Sister, Little Sister Community

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Team Building


Mental Health


Grief as a compass


Radical Ownership


Community Building


Radical Responsibility


Women’s Empowerment


Non-Violent Communication

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