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About Jevin Koleth

Jevin Koleth is an Executive Leadership Development Coach and Keynote Speaker based out of Austin, Texas. His company, JMK Leadership, was built on his mission is to make an impact on future and current leaders, by implementing dynamic mentorship curriculums with a primary focus on Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Jevin has created leadership mentoring initiatives, developed conferences, and spoken at numerous events and panels regarding a variety of leadership topics in the corporate setting. Jevin’s passion is helping leaders discover their individual core values and personal mission, developing leader’s EQ, turning personal ‘weaknesses’ into opportunities, developing a strong team culture through leadership, and educating individuals on inclusion, diversity, and social injustices tactics in the workplace.

Jevin has a Masters in Executive Healthcare Administration and over 6 years of senior leadership experiences throughout a variety of healthcare and technological organizations. Jevin’s mission with his platform is to utilize his own robust personal experiences and the latest evidence based research to change the footprint of leadership in today’s society for the better.

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Peter O. Estévez is a professional speaker at M.I.I & consultant who became the first legally blind division one athlete to play in a game. He works with his clients to shatter limiting beliefs and create true change in life.

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EQ-Based Leadership


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