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Mental Health Speaker, Agent, Coach, Entrepreneur

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About Joe Johnston

Joe Johnston is an engaging and insightful professional speaker, agent, and coach. Joe’s expertise in the areas of personal development, wellness, and optimization make him a highly sought-after transformational speaker for college and corporate audiences.

Joe is the author of ‘The M.I.I. Human Optimization Plan: 64 Days of Motivational, Inspirational, and Informational Quotes,’ his company’s flagship book of quotes which motivates, inspires, and informs its readers to go out and create the life of their dreams.

Since 2019, Joe has delivered over 30 programs, worked with prestigious universities and organizations, and represented and booked dozens of expert professional speakers to stages across the nation to transform and optimize the lives of audience members.

Joe has earned a reputation with the clients he has worked with as being easy to do business with and is highly trusted for his expertise on events and providing professional speakers who create lasting transformation. Whether it be recommending and connecting his clients with one of the speakers he represents or delivering an engaging and transformational program himself, Joe and his team never cease to deliver the highest value to their clients and audiences that they serve.

Joe’s strongest skill and presence as an experienced speaker and presenter is his ability to go deep with his audience members. Joe cuts past the surface level of the topics he discusses to get to the root of the matters and create REAL, lasting change and transformation. His ‘no BS’ style allows him to create massive, lasting transformations in the audiences he works with and presents to.

Well recognized institutions and organizations such as the Meineke Dealers Association, Michigan State University, Marshall University, the University of Memphis, Syracuse University, Oklahoma University, Aspen Technology, and many others, invest into Joe and his team’s work and expertise, trusting them year over year to deliver to their audience members.

Joe is a highly sought-after guest of podcasts and other media channels, sharing his expertise and experience with personal growth, development, and entrepreneurship across a variety of accomplished platforms.

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Why hire Joe?

"Joe Johnston is a professional, personable speaker who is passionate about mental and emotional wellness, and is able to relate to his audience. He is able to engage and inspire his audience, and provides valuable insights on setting goals, positive thinking, the power of the subconscious mind, having a morning routine, and the importance of mental and emotional wellness in the workplace. He is also able to motivate his audience to better themselves on their personal journey, and encourage leaders to do their best and expect problems to arise and push through them productively. Joe Johnston is a highly recommended speaker for events, meetings, or conferences."

What Audience Members are saying

"We brought Joe Johnston in to speak to our FBA Staff Members on mental and emotional wellness for our monthly meeting and he was absolutely amazing. Prior to Joe speaking in front of our staff, we had plenty of pre-event meetings where we would discuss what our staff needed a little help channeling/focusing on. Joe came up with an amazing idea for a wellness webinar that focused on healing our roots vs treating symptoms and right off the bat I knew it would be a hit. He is professional, personable and you can tell he is passionate about what he does. Joe got the whole staff to participate, which as an event planner you know is rare. His charisma and knowledge made it so easy to relate to him and his topic. I'd highly recommend Joe for your next event, meeting, or conference!"

- Brianna LaCaruba, Event Planner at Franchise Brokers Association Very valuable information.

"Joe brings to light that we can address our mental health and awareness in the workplace."

"Very valuable information. The power of the subconscious mind and thinking positively is everything!"

"It shone a bright light on the necessity of mental and emotional wellness in the workplace and was insightful and important information for any organization to hear."

"Good reminders and insight regarding thoughts and negative think. Signs of when we are struggling."

“Very inspiring, broke down simple ways to get you to better your self. Encouraged us as leaders to do out best and expect problems to arise and push through. Was an example of what believing in yourself and working on yourself with a schedule and good people around you can do.”

“What Joe had to say definitely harped on a lot about setting up for your future and but also focusing on the now and being the moment, to present mentally, emotionally, and physically.”

“Insightful and relatable because I do and say those exact things as a student leader who runs a business while interning at Fortune 500 companies.”

“Very inspiring story for those who are seeking to better themselves, their journey, and overall future quality of life. Lots of good perspective.”

“Inspiring & motivational. Helped me put things into perspective about goal setting and taking each day one at a time.”

“A session of how to better yourself. It talked about setting goals and the importance of having a morning routine.”

“I loved this speaker and what he had to say. I loved the analogies.”

“It was a great speech that allowed me to open my eyes to how my mental health really is.”

“It really related to a lot of things I was going through, and if my friends are going through something like I am, Joe’s talk would also resonate really well with them!”

What Clients are Reporting

94% of reporting audience members found Joe’s CAI Austin Managers Workshop Keynote presentation actionable, engaging, relevant, & inspiring.

89% of reporting audience members found Joe’s Franchise Brokers Association Keynote presentation actionable & relevant. 87% found it engaging while 85% found it inspiring.

91% of reporting audience members found Joe’s University of Memphis Keynote presentation actionable, engaging, relevant, & inspiring.

92% of reporting audience members found Joe’s Kennesaw State University Keynote presentation valuable and 82% reported they would like to hear him speak again.

92% of reporting audience members found Joe’s Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi Keynote presentation actionable, relevant, inspiring, & engaging.

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Joe Johnston is a professional speaker at M.I.I & consultant who became the first legally blind division one athlete to play in a game. He works with his clients to shatter limiting beliefs and create true change in life.

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