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William Winfield

International Keynote Speaker | Helping Students, Athletes, and Leaders to Leave a Legacy

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About William Winfield

William has over 9+ years of experience in public speaking, mentoring and coaching, William is one of the most sought-after professional speakers for inspiring and activating students and educators in America.

His own life experiences such as being in Foster care, homelessness, losing a football scholarship, raised by a single mother, and being molested have prepared him well and have made him an expert in his field.

His transparency, honesty and heart-felt desire to inspire people to achieve greatness is what sets William apart.

Williams work has been noticed by some amazing people like professional boxer Buster Douglas, world renowned professional speaker Nick Vujicic, and former NFL head coach Hue Jackson, also William has been featured in NBC, FOX, CBS, and voyage Atlanta.

William has spoken internationally from Nigeria to Canada, to South Africa, East Africa and along the USA his only mission is to inspire students, leaders, and educators to leave their legacy and never being forgotten!

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These organizations love working
with William Winfield

Clark County School District
Tacoma Public Schools
North Thurston Public Schools
New England Tech Institute of Technology
Nicholas College
Richmond Public School

Speaking Topics

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The ingredients to leaving a legacy


Perserverance & Grit


Purpos over Popularity


Student Success/ Motivation


Leadership from an Eagleā€™s Eye


Leadership in the Jungle


The GOAT Mindset

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